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Director : Darren Aronofsky
Genres : Adventure | Drama

Noach paints a picture of the world of 10.000 years ago where the 50.000 odd people that roamed the world in those days have caused dramatic and catastrophic climate change. This is no mean feat and it is not explained in this horrible movie how the handful of people have managed to do this. The people are portrayed as evil villains who have no love for animal and nature and who like to kill animals just for fun. Noach is portrayed in this movie as some kind of crazy hippie vegetable and fruit gatherer who maintains an animal hospital to take care of wounded animals that have escaped the evil claws of the poachers.

This movie is nothing else then another sermon about man causing climate change and the goodness of the elite and the badness of mankind. It actually makes a point that it is best that mankind should be culled because they do nothing else then destroying the planet, and that just a small elite of people has the right to survive because they are good.

That is why God brings a big flood to cleanse the world of those horrible people and Noah and his family and the animals they bring into the Ark are the only ones that are saved.

It is incredible that this movie receives such high rates it is likely one of the worst propaganda movies ever made by Horriblywood but who knows, maybe that high rating is also part of the plan.

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